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            Company Profile

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              Anhui Jia Hang Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Anhui Jia Liqi Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise. Is a domestic set of activated carbon fiber products, VOCS waste gas recovery equipment, carbon fiber, carbon fiber composite materials R & D and production as one of the integrated large-scale modern enterprise.
              Anhui Jia Hang Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and sales of carbon fiber and its composite materials, and Anhui's innovative pilot enterprises.
              The company was established in March 2004, is located in Suzhou City High-tech Industrial Park, covers an area of 66,645 square meters, the registered capital of 33 million yuan; existing staff of 104 people, including senior technical staff of 41 people; advanced manufacturing, testing equipment 56 Sets. The company has passed the national

            military standard quality system certification, three confidentiality certification, weapons and equipment research and production license certification, equipment for the unit qualification, military qualification four certificates complete.
              Jiayiqi adhering to the "integrity-based, innovation for the soul" business philosophy, continue to increase the Branch held a supplement, and well-known domestic institutions to establish a solid relationship between production and research cooperation, the successful development of national key new products, More than 10 products, has been invented and utility model patents more than 20 items. Main products active carbon fiber felt, cloth, carbon fiber composite structure, etc., are widely used in national defense, military, aviation, aerospace, electronics, ships and many other areas.
              In order to speed up the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, Jia Liqi to military demand-oriented, scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, and military units together to build strategic cooperation platform, the use of resource integration advantages, promote core technological breakthroughs, and constantly improve and enhance the industry and product structure , To achieve industrial chain extension extended to the sea, land and air equipment areas of the armed forces, at the same time bigger and better civilian industry, the formation of the integration of the depth of the development of a new pattern.

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