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            Washington State University research and development of efficient recovery of carbon fiber technology

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              According to the Washington State University news, the school of mechanical and material engineering professor JinwenZhang led the research team recently developed a new technology for carbon fiber recycling.
              The team uses weak acid as a catalyst to decompose the thermosetting material at a relatively low temperature using liquid ethanol containing the catalyst. In order to achieve better decomposition results, the researchers in the course of the process of heating the material, so that the liquid containing the catalyst can be better immersed in the composite material, which has been destroyed in the complex structure. Professor Zhang used ethanol to expand the resin, and then use zinc chloride to destroy the chemical molecules in the carbon-nitrogen bond.
              "The key to achieving effective carbon fiber recovery is to find a catalyst that can effectively immerse the cured resin system and destroy its chemical bonds," said Professor Zhang.
              The method has been proved to be effective in experiment, after the decomposition of carbon fiber and resin were saved, and put into reproduction. The team has applied for a technology patent and has tried to put it into commercial applications.
              The study was funded by the Joint Center for Aeronautical Technology Innovation (JCATI), which also includes Associate Professor JunnaXin, Postdoctoral TuanLiu and Postgraduate XiaolongGuo

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