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            Development history of carbon fiber materials

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              In recent years, due to energy tightening, high oil prices, high traffic and fuel costs, so the carbon fiber materials, high strength and light weight characteristics once again re-understanding of the transport industry, carbon fiber research has long been recorded, as early as 1879 people still Kerosene lamp or gas jet light to the era of lighting, Edison had invented a new lighting device to find a conductive and high resistance, can heat, light material, when the bamboo natural fiber to burn and oxidize carbon fiber material, because Carbon fiber silk is a laboratory made, the material is too fragile enough to support their own weight strength, the earliest carbon fiber is not enough as a glass bulb within the luminous heating wire, to the tungsten ore material is made of metal wire and then with the glass argon The addition of technology, so that the real solution to extend the filament life, the power of light-emitting bulb era began so far, humans can have safe and durable power lighting, nighttime activities to extend the overall productivity increase.
              Carbon fiber production mainly by the three kinds of raw silk source: polyacrylonitrile, asphalt, rayon (rayon) according to different uses are very good precursor or masterbatch, carbon fiber material technology development in the second world war to the peak , So the material can be used in the missile warheads to withstand high-speed flight caused by high temperature and light weight materials, especially long-range missiles in flight to guide missiles, especially radio signals need to avoid external electromagnetic interference, the 1960s socialist camp and liberal The United States in the early 60s by President Kennedy announced - will go beyond, the Soviet Union, the first to complete the feat of human landing on the moon, so the two countries for the space race more speed both sides put into development A large number of R & D resources to produce light and high mechanical strength of carbon fiber materials, Japan's carbon fiber research and development is also a lot of resources into the development of resources to Osaka Institute of Science and Technology developed into the polypropylene fiber oxidation of carbon fiber burning carbon fiber, after 1965 Japan Dagan Shan Lang invented the asphalt-based carbon fiber, when the United States to a consumer Consumption of its production more than 60% of the world, the United States to Union CarbideCompany Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) development of rayon fiber oxidation technology from the main technology to produce high-strength carbon fiber, carbon fiber materials and technology for the Soviet Union The Eastern European countries are: Poland, Belarus, according to the distribution of natural resources in various regions of the development of a variety of special carbon fiber materials, Poland to Krakow Kofu region produced by the muddy mud, the United States, the United States, the United States, Carbon has developed asphalt-based raw materials of carbon fiber materials, Belarus to the domestic many of the original forest development of lignin rayon fiber material or artificial silk.

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