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            Carbon fiber driven by the downstream industry, development prospects

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              Carbon fiber with high strength, high modulus, light weight, corrosion resistance, high temperature, friction and other properties, compared to traditional materials superior performance. The carbon fiber has a tensile strength of about 1300 to 4000 MPa, a tensile modulus of about 200 to 700 GPa, and a density of about 1.5 to 2.0 g per cubic centimeter, depending on the raw yarn structure and the carbonization treatment temperature. Compared with titanium, steel, aluminum and other metal materials, the strength of carbon fiber is 20 times the steel, tensile modulus than steel 2-3 times, the proportion of carbon fiber than aluminum is also light, less than steel 1/4. Carbon fiber is mainly made of composite materials such as resin, metal and ceramics. At present, carbon fiber carbon material has been widely used in various fields of military and civil industry. From aerospace, aviation, automobile, electronics, machinery, chemical industry and textile industry Industrial to sports equipment and leisure products.
              2014 domestic carbon fiber market demand for 10,600 tons, of which about 67% of sports and leisure areas, industrial and aerospace only accounted for only 29% and 4%, while the international market in the field of carbon fiber in the aerospace and industrial applications are 22% and 62%, and only 16% in the field of sports and leisure. With China's new energy and energy-saving emission reduction continue to overweight, as well as the rapid development of aerospace field, the current pattern of demand is expected to be broken, high-end market will usher in a breakthrough.
              Domestic carbon fiber started late, the products are mainly concentrated in the low-end. At present, China's actual production of carbon fiber is less than the production capacity, 2014 output is only 3200 tons, and the majority of products for low-end products, it is difficult to meet the downstream performance requirements, so accelerate the development of carbon fiber, especially high-end carbon fiber independent research and development process is imminent November 2013 Ministry of Industry issued the "accelerate the development of carbon fiber industry action plan" clearly put forward by 2020, China's carbon fiber technology innovation, industrial capacity and comprehensive competitiveness to meet international standards, the initial formation of 2-3 international competitiveness of large enterprises of carbon fiber As well as a number of innovative ability, distinctive, industrial chain of carbon fiber and its composite materials industry cluster. "13th Five-Year" new material planning is expected to further highlight the importance of carbon fiber as a strategic new material.
              Domestic industry upgrade, the carbon fiber for "material" if thirsty. Electric vehicles, aerospace, wind power leaves three major applications to drive the rapid growth of carbon fiber demand. In the field of electric vehicles, electric vehicle mileage is much lower than the traditional fuel vehicles, must be lightweight to increase mileage, carbon fiber because of its high modulus, high strength, light quality and other characteristics become the best choice for increased mileage. (SGL) to jointly develop carbon fiber reinforced composite materials, and the successful application of i3 electric car series, to create a new era of high-volume application of carbon fiber, is expected in 2020, the field of electric vehicle carbon fiber demand is expected to reach 18750 tons The Aerospace field, domestic C919 large passenger aircraft commercialization to further promote the rapid development of carbon fiber industry. C919 large passenger aircraft tail and flank are made of carbon fiber composite materials, it is reported that C919 is expected to first flight in 2016, its commercialization will stimulate the domestic demand for carbon fiber materials, aerospace industry in 2020 is expected to meet the demand for carbon fiber will reach 22,800 tons The Wind power applications, high power, long blade is the development trend of wind turbines. With the ever-increasing proportion of carbon fiber in wind turbine blades, carbon fiber demand is expected to be 30,720 tons by 2020.
              At present, China already has a relatively complete industrial base, the future with the large-scale production brought about by the cost of space is broad, is expected to further promote the development of carbon fiber, the industry's development prospects are very good.

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