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            Factors that affect the efficiency of adsorption recovery and the useful life of activated carbon fibers

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              Activated carbon fiber solvent recovery equipment in different industries, different conditions, the use of different conditions, different equipment manufacturers in the case of equipment, the use of the situation there is a big difference, the performance of organic matter in the adsorption recovery and activated carbon fiber The service life has a relatively large difference.
              In recent years, our company on a large number of domestic activated carbon fiber solvent recovery equipment for ACF and equipment maintenance work, summed up a number of practical problems found in the process.
              The factors that affect the efficiency of adsorption recovery and the service life of activated carbon fiber are as follows:
              (1) the design and processing capacity is too small, the use of activated carbon fiber is too small, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon fiber is too small. (New equipment or new ACF equipment recovery efficiency is low)
              (2) Exhaust gas contains high boiling point organic matter, oil and other impurities, through the activated carbon fiber layer,
              Adsorption retained in the activated carbon fiber pores, can not be desorbed by water vapor. The more the enrichment, the smaller the adsorption capacity of activated carbon fiber.
              (3) the exhaust gas contains dust, causing the activated carbon fiber is contaminated, plug the adsorption of micropores, causing the adsorption performance of activated carbon fiber decreased. The greater the amount of dust, the faster the adsorption performance of carbon fiber.
              (4) Adsorption core short circuit caused by organic waste gas without adsorption emissions, recovery efficiency. The main position in the formation of holes in the steel needle, ACF sagging, the upper part of the adsorption core and the formation of gaps in the baffle.
              (5) adsorption of activated carbon fiber saturated water vapor desorption is not sufficient, re-adsorption, the adsorption capacity decreased significantly. The main reason is that the amount of steam is not enough.
              (6) desorption of water vapor carrying the furnace water containing salt, attached to the activated carbon fiber, the adsorption capacity decreased, repeated in the air flow caused by reactive carbon fiber powder. The reason is steam boiler water.
              (7) adsorption recovery equipment valve leakage, work is not normal, resulting in low recovery efficiency.
              (8) adsorption, desorption process time is unreasonable. Desorption time is too short, adsorption time is too long.
              (9) adsorption, desorption temperature is unreasonable. Adsorption temperature is too high, desorption temperature is too low.
              (10) desorption condensation process line is irrational, the steam desorption adsorption tank pressure is high, the condensation process pipeline clogging, desorption of solvent and water condensation is not timely, resulting in desorption of organic matter can not return in time.

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