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            How long is the saturation cycle of activated carbon?

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              Activated carbon saturation period is the life of activated carbon, the impact of activated carbon saturation period is the key factor in the use of environmentally friendly substances in the total size, and the adsorbed substances desorption frequency.
              We know that high quality coconut shell activated carbon adsorption of harmful gases can be close to its own quality. And the use of household activated carbon in general use in accordance with the amount of 50 grams / square meter, in ordinary home space air, the quality of harmful gases should be much smaller than the use of activated carbon. Therefore, the saturation period of household activated carbon is very long.
              As long as the regular use of domestic activated carbon placed in the sun under the sun, desorption is adsorbed water molecules, the release of its occupied by a large number of activated carbon space, so can be repeated for 6-10 months. Under normal conditions, we can not determine whether the internal space of activated carbon is saturated, it is generally recommended that the maximum use of time does not exceed one year.

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