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            The three reasons for the use of activated carbon to clean up air in office space

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              One reason
              Office space has a large number of desks, filing cabinets, etc., this kind of composite sheet made of products, containing a lot of formaldehyde, a serious threat to the physical health of office workers; In addition, the use of a large number of chemical office supplies, volatile organic Compounds in the poor ventilation of the indoors continue to accumulate, but also cause the deterioration of office air quality, in recent years, said the office syndrome and this are closely related.
              ★ This feature requires purification products must be able to effectively remove formaldehyde and a variety of volatile organic compounds. After a special process of improved coconut shell activated carbon, the ability to adsorb formaldehyde greatly improved, the ability to absorb volatile organic compounds stronger, the physical adsorption properties, safety and environmental protection, no secondary pollution.
              Reason two
              Office space is large, a large number of desks, filing cabinets like a number of sources of pollutants release, even if the space made a comprehensive air treatment, must also ensure continuous purification of the release of pollutants (formaldehyde release period is 3- 15 years).
              ★ ★ activated carbon life of 6-10 months (in the activated carbon packaging does not appear broken, discoloration of the case, you can continue to use), put it to the desk, file cabinet drawer, you can continue to clean harmful gases , Control the spread of pollutants.
              Reason three
              Office staff to stay the longest place is the desk, from the source of pollution recently, the continuous release of formaldehyde in the plate, the continuous release of computer radiation, are seriously affected the physical health of office workers.
              ★ ★ ★ This feature requires purification supplies can be a small range of use, can play a small range of space air quality protection role. Activated carbon adsorption package size is like a cigarette box, flexible use of unparalleled performance, the computer next to a few packs of activated carbon, can reduce the computer radiation, the desk drawer put a few packets of activated carbon, can continue to clean the release of formaldehyde. These activated carbon packs are like the effects of a small air purifier, and the air purifier cost and flexibility are difficult to compare with the activated carbon adsorption package.

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