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            True and false, good and bad carbon fiber identification skills

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              If you have a certain understanding of the relationship between carbon fiber cloth and carbon fiber fabric, it is very simple to distinguish between true and false carbon fiber.
              How to distinguish between true and false, good and bad carbon fiber?
              Many people know that carbon fiber has a quarter of the weight of steel and steel, and steel 10 times the ability to wear, of course, it also has "old and expensive"    impression, but in fact, carbon fiber is cheap, expensive, Poor quality.
              In fact, the carbon fiber is treated by high temperature, so that the "carbon fiber molecules" into a "filament", and then "silk" compiled into "cloth", how to prepare carbon fiber is an important part of its price and rigidity, , You can understand this - the same carbon fiber fabric, not the same way the preparation will have different effects, and then in other words, the preparation of the more rare patterns, it proves that the stronger the rigidity.
              The appearance of more "twill" carbon fiber cloth and resin made of rubber, the preparation of the lines with a clear sense of layering and 3D effect, but the hand touched the surface is smooth, and imitation carbon fiber lines of the stickers are not too much Level, even if there is, it does not have a real touch of carbon fiber touch. Of course, not all of the carbon fiber products are prepared on the surface of the lines, with carbon fiber unidirectional fabric made of carbon fiber components without lines, perhaps in the medical field to use more, and we rare. In addition, carbon fiber products only black, often someone will color glass fiber or aramid material mistaken for carbon fiber.
              Carbon fiber is too "rigid", and the aryl fiber is too "flexible", if the two different nature of the fibers woven together, the two fibers mixed together so that they are complementary advantages, there will be "just in the soft" The characteristics of the.
              Although there are a lot of carbon fiber products that come into contact with it, it is said that there are only a few of the manufacturing plants in the world (it is said that the United States, Taiwan, Taiwan and Japan). And the world's modified label will be a few factories in the procurement of different density of carbon fiber fabric (density can be divided into the majority of 3K, 6K and 12K, for example, "3K" on behalf of 1mm carbon fiber cloth containing three thousand silk), or Suitable for their own style of carbon fiber cloth, go back and rely on their own experience in the production of carbon fiber products, such as carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber tail, carbon fiber steering wheel and so on.
              After some understanding, we come to distinguish between true and false carbon fiber, distinguish between true and false the first element - must be the price, because the process of making carbon fiber complex, coupled with their own material costs are not cheap, so cheap certainly no good goods, if You buy cheap carbon fiber products, then you are very likely to buy sticky paper and carbon fiber paint the majority of fake carbon fiber products.
              The second point, you can use the naked eye to distinguish the quality of carbon fiber. In short, you have to check some subtle places or the details of the location, because the carbon fiber parts are roughened, coated resin, vacuum processing, high temperature baking process, so any one step may affect the carbon fiber pattern Of the three-dimensional sense, want to be a perfect presentation, which is very master of the master's hand, especially the details of the corner of the carbon fiber, the transition can be a good expression of carbon fiber lines clear degree and silky degree.
              In addition, some brands are "guess" you do not know enough about carbon fiber products, they are often in its middle parts to add PU material to increase the thickness of carbon fiber. The simplest way to identify is to observe the bottom of the carbon fiber, if the bottom is not carbon fiber, then it is not "100%" of the carbon fiber parts, carbon fiber must be common black and gray, if you see other colors is certainly fake, of course, Routine deep product, you can "flex the ball" way to identify the product of carbon fiber weight, the two knock out the sound is not the same.
              After all, you spend a high price to buy back, after all, glass fiber and carbon fiber cost price gap is great, unless its price is what you think within a reasonable range of it

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