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            Why is the carbon fiber composite material so expensive?

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              Carbon fiber composite material is superior performance of advanced composite materials, the main features are light weight, high strength, good fatigue resistance. In addition, due to its high temperature, corrosion resistance, easy processing and other characteristics, is widely used in aerospace, automotive, medical, unmanned aerial vehicles and other fields. As the carbon fiber production process is very complex, and the price is relatively high, all in daily life is rare, especially high-performance carbon fiber due to foreign technical barriers and material constraints, only in the military, aerospace and other cutting-edge technology in the field use. Such as new fighters, rockets, precision guided weapons, military shelters have carbon fiber figure.
              Why is the carbon fiber composite material so expensive?
              Carbon fiber material is a kind of high-performance emerging materials, because of its high strength and high corrosion resistance and other excellent material properties, many areas want to replace the traditional carbon fiber composite materials to enhance the overall performance of the product. However, many customers in contact with carbon fiber manufacturers after the discovery of the use of carbon fiber costs will be much higher than the traditional materials, often do not understand why the carbon fiber composite materials so much? Here Shandong special forces to explain to you.
              First, the carbon fiber raw material itself expensive
              Carbon fiber core production technology monopoly in Japan, the United States and other developed countries, due to the defense industry, has been China's strict technical blockade. In the past, carbon fiber can not be made in China, through national policy support and domestic enterprises to develop, the current domestic carbon fiber has been able to mass production of T800 below the carbon wire, but the product quality is relatively less Nissan. T800 products can only be a small amount of domestic production, T800 and M series can not be mass production, the original material is monopolized by foreign monopoly or even ban, so the price is relatively high. In addition the production of carbon fiber material itself is more expensive, and the process is very complex, so the price of carbon fiber is not cheap. At present, low-end carbon fiber can be mass production and foreign low-cost industries to suppress, the original silk price is much cheaper than in the past, but high-end carbon fiber material is still high luxury.
              Why is the carbon fiber composite material so expensive?
              Second, carbon fiber composite materials production process expensive
              Carbon fiber raw materials want to be applied to the production of composite materials can be specifically processed into the desired product, carbon fiber silk need to be prepared into cloth, but also need to combine resin and make prepreg. Production of carbon fiber products need high-temperature curing, vacuum import, hot cans and other production processes, the production process is very complex, demanding high, the technical staff requirements are high. In the development and design of carbon fiber products, carbon fiber laying, strength testing and other needs a lot of experiments, such as salt spray resistance, corrosion resistance, penetration rate test, and the need to develop high-precision mold, which directly enhance the overall cost of the product. Some carbon fiber products need to improve the choice of high temperature, high strength, resin and fiber type will also make the price of carbon fiber products.
              At present the carbon fiber market is a new industry, many products are pre-research stage, less standardized products. Resulting in the overall R & D, design, experiment and other costs are included in the cost of the product, so the high price of carbon fiber products. For a certain order to achieve the number of products, the price is still more cost-effective. Carbon fiber products can be friends and Intel's new technology docking, so that the domestic carbon fiber industry faster and more mature development.
              Why is the carbon fiber composite material so expensive?
              However, carbon fiber composite materials are expensive, but still have a great advantage, Intel's new materials produced by the company's carbon fiber composite materials used in various fields, can improve product performance, such as automotive, can reduce vehicle weight , Reduce energy consumption, improve vehicle strength. In the medical field, used in medical CT bed board, X-ray transmission performance is superior to any other material, is the application of the best materials and irreplaceable, the application of aerospace field, it is unparalleled advantages.

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