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          1. Activated carbon fiber felt

            Activated carbon fiber felt

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              Product Specifications:
              Specific surface area (m2 / g): BET800, BET1000, BET1300, BET1500, BET1800, BET2000 to 3000, BET3000 or more, thickness: 1 to 14 mm, weight: 50 to 600 g / m2
              product advantages:
             ?、?ACF adsorption capacity, is the GAC several times to ten times.
             ?、?adsorption speed, very fast in the gas phase, in the liquid phase can also achieve adsorption equilibrium, adsorption rate is 10 to 100 times the GAC.
             ?、?easy regeneration, desorption speed, 120 ~ 150 ℃ steam or hot air can be 10 to 30 minutes.
             ?、?good heat resistance
             ?、?acid and alkali, with good electrical conductivity and chemical stability.
             ?、?less ash
             ?、?good shape, easy processing.
              Product Usage:
             ?、?solvent recovery: benzene, ketones, oil can be adsorbed and recovered
             ?、?air purification: to adsorption, purification of air odor, smoke, gas and so on. Can be used for room, kitchen and other contaminated indoor air purification. Especially the adsorption of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contained in new buildings.
             ?、?water purification: to remove the heavy metal ions in the water, carcinogenic substances, odor, musty, bacteria and bleaching, etc., can be used for tap water, food industry water and industrial water and other treatment.
             ?、?deodorant daily necessities: for the refrigerator deodorant, fruits, vegetables, flowers preservation, household water purifier, cigarette filter, anti-virus masks, insoles, health care shorts and other daily necessities production.
             ?、?precious metal extraction or recovery, adsorption of radioactive material, can also be used as a catalyst carrier, gas chromatography stationary phase.
             ?、?electronic energy applications, such as manufacturing capacitors, battery electrodes,
             ?、?high temperature and insulation materials.
             ?、?environmental protection projects: waste gas and sewage treatment, radioactive places closed and partition, radiation equipment, such as screen cover.

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