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          1. Activated carbon fiber cloth

              Activated carbon fiber cloth Uses:
              Solvent recovery, air purification, water treatment, deodorization, catalyst carrier, electrode material, protective clothing, etc.
              I supply products:
              Specific surface area: 500㎡ / g-3000㎡ / g
              Width: 500-1400mm
              Thickness: 0.3-1mm
              Weight: 50-300g / ㎡
              Activated carbon fiber cloth has the characteristics of high specific surface area, fine micropores, large capacitance, small air resistance, high strength, easy to powder and stratified, long service life and so on. It has been widely used in the production of military large capacity capacitors.
              Research and development:
              Our company and Tsinghua University jointly developed the use of activated carbon fiber cloth for the capacitor components of the development of super capacitors, has   successfully filled our gaps.
              Activated carbon fiber cloth is our patented product. Such as other domestic manufacturers have the same specifications of activated carbon fiber products, are purchased from our company.
              Our company activated carbon fiber cloth national invention patent number: ZL011373857